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    This is a beautiful place of the island which passed great glories in antiquity, which is concluded by the monuments that have survived, such as the marble quarry, the caves used as a place of worship, the sanctuary, etc.

    At the edge of islet, the ancient quarries which were used extensively during the Roman Empire still exist. At this place marble was extracted and barged into ships from 6th century BC until 6th century AD. Today, huge volumes of stones are still visible on the seabed. The two bays in Aliki are known as ports where completely white, high-quality marble was exported from Thassos in ancient times.

    Today, the clean water and the quiet location are the reasons that more and more visitors come to this natural landscape of rare beauty that exists nowhere else in the world. Aliki is probably the most beautiful beach on Thassos.

    Source: Municipality of Thassos

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