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    Kastro is located northeast of Limenaria to the center of the island. The medieval village is at an altitude of 650 meters. Like the other mountainous villages, it isn't visible from the shore. This helped protect the island and its inhabitants from plundering pirates.

    Its name came from the ruins of a castle that once stood there. Jacob Gkateloutsi the Genoatis in which the Emperor Emanouil II gave in 1414 Thasos and Lesbos, built that castle. The Gkateloutsi family ruled Thassos for 40 years. Evidence of this is the three honorary plaques in a wall of the church of St. Athanasius.

    The village was abandoned for many years as people moved to coastal villages. In recent years many houses are being renovated, so this village of the unique beauty, over the years, revives.

    You can reach Kastro from Limenaria by car (35 minutes) or walk (the more adventurous!) from Theologo or Limenaria. If you choose to drive, it would be better to choose a 4x4 as the road is little more than rocky and you could shock damage if not careful.

    Source: Municipality of Thassos

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