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    Limenaria that is found in the southern part of Thassos, constitutes the bigger town of island. In the past it knew very big growth when the company Speidel (the building of which, named Palataki, constitute today signal deposited for the region) made excavation in the rich mines that existed there.

    During the times, however, more and more visitors discovered the beauties that it has to offer this separate piece of Thassos and thus today because of not only the most beautiful beaches of island but also excellent Tourist infrastructure with intense night- life constitutes the summertime beloved place of vacations for Greek visitors and for thousands Tourists of Europe.

    Akrogiali or Trypiti

    A small harbour where the water is spotless, the sand is exceptional and there is also a small marine cave (unique in Thassos) under an enormous rock. It is found 1.5 km away from Limenaria.

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