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    In the northeastern side of Thassos and in the best forest left on the island at an altitude of 250-300 meters, is nestled the picturesque village of Panagia. Breathtaking beauty in a wonderful combination of mountain and sea and lively Greek island tradition. With distinctive architecture, narrow streets, abundant crystal waters of many springs, can satisfy all visitors' desires.

    There are apartments and hotels with very low prices, especially for Greek tourists, offering for holiday bargains. Many taverns in the village and the beach, with all Greek appetizers will satisfy the gastronomic desires of even the most discerning gourmand. The famous sweet fig, walnut and pumpkin which in Panagia are made with both taste and quality ingredients, the strong local raki made in traditional rako-cauldrons, definitely should be tasted by the visitor.

    Finally it will be difficult to resist a challenge even a breath of cafes in the picturesque square, near the big fountain with the crystal clear waters of the spring. For your entertainment there are many bars and taverns with music every day satisfy your musical requirements.

    Panagia Church

    The church has always been a part of life for residents of Panagia. The village is named after its church. It is perhaps the most imposing church on the island. It is built before 250-300 years, in addition to religious devoutness, can fill with awe every visitor's memory, leading to periods of Byzantine glory. Here you can see old icons (14th - 17th century), the icon of the Virgin Pantovlepousas (unique name of Mary throughout Greece), the old currencies of the Virgin (Bakir), but mainly the white and red banner of the era of the Crusades of Richard the Lionheart. On August 15th is church's feast.


    For the more adventurous there is untapped cave in the village, the "Drakotripa". Accompanied by a local you can find an underground beauty that we believe is unique on the island. Today may not exists the impressive stalactites and stalagmites, which had previously, but the visitor will find some artwork that nature as a sculptor carved into the walls.

    Source: Municipality of Thassos

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