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    The community of Theologos takes two-fifths of the total area of the island. The village is located 220 meters from the sea, at the mountains of Thassos, north of Potos at a distance of 60 kilometers from Limenas.

    Theologos was an old market town, seat of the first Governor of the island during the Egyptian occupation (1813-1902). Theologos until the last century was the most important village of the island.

    The houses are built in traditional Macedonian style. The roofs of the houses are built of stone. Some examples of architectural show how people lived then.

    Today, Theologos is, also, the seat of the local villages Theologos, Potos, Pefkari, Psili Ammos, Astris, Aliki and Kinira. Many of the most beautiful beaches of the island are located in this region. Its population is about 1,500 residents.

    In summer the majority of locals are involved in tourism. In winter they are busy with the cultivation of olives and their derived products, the production of wine, ouzo, raki, sweets and jams, honey, handmade products and fishing.

    Theologos is a village that keeps the tradition and culture of the past. When you visit the island of Thassos, Theologos must be within the list of the sites you'll see. You'll feel like you've gone back in time and experience the real Greek Culture and Greek Hospitality.

    Source: Municipality of Thassos

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